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    Repertorio Español was founded in 1968 by producer Gilberto Zaldivar and Artistic Director René Buch to introduce the best of Latin American, Spanish and Hispanic-American theatre in distinctive, quality productions, and to bring theatre to a broad audience in New York City and across the country, including seniors, students and Hispanics of all national backgrounds.
    In 1972, Repertorio Español moved to the Gramercy Arts Theatre where the company has since remained. The critical success of the company’s first production, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, set the stage for years of admiration by English and Spanish newspaper critics and the company’s audiences.
    In 1984, the company began to present and commission new plays by Hispanic-American playwrights and in 1991 inaugurated an infrared simultaneous translation system which provides an opportunity for non-Spanish speaking audiences to enjoy the company’s vast selection of plays.
    The artistic achievement of Repertorio Español, the support of its audiences, the contributions from individual donors, the participation of America’s most respected corporations and foundations, building bridges to the Hispanic-American community, and the ongoing support of government agencies have enabled the company to become a national treasure, providing a rich cultural environment which is unmatched by any other Spanish language theatre company in the United States.

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Year Category Award Result
1993 Best production Premios ACE Winner
2016 Best Production / Comedy Premios ACE Winner

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Author: Lucie Mau (Summer 2020)

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