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Greenwich Mews Theater


Built in 1846 in what is now the Greenwich Village Historic District, this building was originally a Greek Revival church. Since the 1940s, it housed the Greenwich Mews Playhouse and then the Greenwich Mews Theater. In the 1980s, it was renovated to create 15 condominium units.

Productions: +

  • Yerma
    Directed by: René A. Buch
  • La dama duende
    July 4, 1968 - July 28, 1968
    Directed by: René A. Buch
  • La Celestina
    May 1967
    Directed by: Andrés Constantino Castro
  • Me, Candido!
    October 15, 1956 - March 3, 1957
    Directed by: Sidney Walters

Author: Lillian Manzor ()

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