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El baile (2000)

Play script (Spanish)


In Estorino's El baile, everything is as simple and as dire as the conflicts associated with authors and the "blank page," the dramatist and the development of fictional characters, myths and their retellings, and life and its representation. The dance, an event preceding Nina's and Fabrizio's introduction, and the pearl necklace, a keepsake that reawakens the memory of the dance, propel Nina and Conrado into a shared (and long) life of devastation. Nina, Fabrizio, and Conrado progressively construct themselves as they get to the bottom of their histories/stories. Consequently, the disruption of a fluid narration caused by the characters' many portrayals of truth lead us to a "theatre of memory" unique in Estorino’s trajectory. This memory has a slippery, painful and incoherent nature that challenges the limits of abstraction and the personal experiences and interpretations of human behavior. An art piece like El baile is one of the good things that can happen to us in our lifetime. (Reinaldo Montero; translated by Rita Benítez)

Awards: +

Year Category Award Result
2000 Outstanding perfomance by an actress HOLA Award Winner

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