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HOLA Award

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    Started in 1999, these awards recognize excellence in Hispanic theater in the United States.


Year Category Creator Production Written Work Result
2019 Excellence in Theatre Award Oliveras, José Cheo (3043) Winner
2015 Outstanding Solo Performance Brito, Mariela, 1968- (2807) Winner
2009 Outstanding Visiting Production López Arenal, Yvonne (695) La noche de Eva (New York, New York, June 26, 2009) Winner
2008 Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting Rivera, Carmen (70) Celia: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz (Musical) Winner
2000 Outstanding Achievement in Direction Martín Jr., Manuel, December 16, 1934-September 28, 2000 (43) Julia de Burgos: Child of Water (Criatura del Agua) (Play script) Winner
2000 Outstanding perfomance by an actress Santana, Adria, August 29, 1948-September 30, 2011 (1856) El baile (Gramercy Arts Theater, December 3, 2000) El baile (Play script) Winner

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