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Ballet Concerto is a company that began rooted in the tradition of the Cuban National Ballet. Its founders were former dancers and maitres of the Cuban ballet company under the direction of Alicia Alonso. They sought to contine and preserve the long tradition of classical dance in Miami. Ballet Concerto has compiled a repertory of the greatest classical and contemporary works and extends its influence to educating children in dance, encouraging new choreography and presenting guest artists. This company set the stage for professional ballet in Miami and they were the first to bring to Miami world renowned dancers such as Rudolph Nureyev, Alexander Gudonov, Fernando Bujones (who trained with them), Natalia Makarova, Cynthia Gregory, Gelsey Kirkland.  In 1986, Ballet Concerto started to include more "ethnic" dances to their repertoires and began to be known as a Miami Hispanic company. Throughout the years, they have collaborated with numerous local artists and institutions such as the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami Dade Comunity College, Miami Dade county auditorium, and the Monroe County Arts Council. Dance critic Clive Barnes called the company "one of the foremost groups in the Southeast." For more information, you can consult Ballet Concerto Collection at the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection.

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Author: Mia Van Peenen (2014, 2017)

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