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Our Waltzes, Lola, Don Quijote

Directing team: +

Name Function(s)
Marta Del Pino Director
Sonia Díaz Director
Alfredo Munar Conductor
Eduardo Recalt Director

Cast: +

Name Role(s)
Addy Castellanos Dancer
Judith Garfinkel Dancer
Sisi Infante Dancer
Marielena Mencia Dancer
Galina Panov Dancer
Valery Panov Dancer
Zane Wilson Dancer

Design team: +

Name Function(s)
Antonio Costume designer
Demetrio Menéndez Stage Manager

Notes: +

Ballet Concerto brought world reknowned ballet dancers, Vanov, to Miami for the first time, to be the  ...

Author: Mia Van Peenen (Spring 2014)

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