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Stories from a Bordello (1995)

Adaptation / Version (English)


     Based on letters, faxes, and memos in INTAR Theatre Records, this adaptation was going to be staged at INTAR during the 1995-96 season. However, the authors whose stories were being adapted for the stage play, were represented by agent Carmen Balcells in Barcelona. She wanted $40,000 for the rights. Max Ferrá explained that INTAR was a non-profit and that it could not afford that fee, and tried to negotiate $6,000. Balcells' final words was that she could not accept less than $10,000. 

     In the meantime, David (from INTAR's board) didn’t think that the stories would hold together. In doing a play about prostitutes, he thought the themes treated were not current problems protitutes faced then. According to him, ”this presentation should reveal something important we didn't know about prostitutes and move us emotionally. The play in its present form doesn't accomplish either for me.”  (INTAR Theater Records, Box 67, Folder 1.)

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