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The Cuban Cultural Center of New York is a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation, advancement and dissemination of Cuban and Cuban-American culture. It was founded in March, 1997 by a group of Cuban exile artists, professionals, scholars, and writers to celebrate their rich heritage and to support and inspire new developments in the arts. Since its founding, the CCC has offered a varied program of activities which has educated and entertained New York City audiences in the various facets of Cuban culture. The Cuban Cultural Center of New York is especially committed to: Disseminate through concerts, exhibits, seminars, publications and other media, the most genuine and diverse Cuban cultural legacy in music, art, literature, dance, film, theater, architecture, history, folklore, and other cultural expressions, stimulate artistic and intellectual creativity through cultural programs, prizes and scholarships, encourage and sponsor studies and research on various facets of Cuban culture, compile an inventory of significant Cuban works in music, the visual arts, literature and other cultural expressions.

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