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Cine Teatro Miramar


This theater was originally built as a 600-seat cinema in the 1950s. Some believe it was annexed to a Howard Johnson's cafeteria. In 1960, its owner was Herbert L. Copelan, who also owned Auto Cine Vento (866 cars). It opened as a theater in 1982 with the production Cuentos Asombrosos de Benedetti. It fell into decay during the Special Period. A large restoration project was begun in 2010 thanks to the UK-based charity Music Fund for Cuba. It reopened in 2012 during the Temporada de Teatro Latinoamericano y Caribeño Mayo Teatral with a new auditorium and 460 new seats. The stage was extended by 12 ft. and a Jazz Cafe was added in the back. In addition the theatrical performances the audience can now watch movies and multimedia performances. You can see a video of the grand opening here.

For a personal rememberance of Cine Miramar in the early 1960s, read Carlos M. Eyre, Waiting for Snow in Havana, Chapter 25

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