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La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

Also known as: Café La MaMa, La MaMa E.T.C


La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club is a world-renowned cultural organization founded by Ellen Stewart in 1961. For 43 years La MaMa has pursued its original mission to develop, nurture, support, produce and present new and original performance work by artists of all nations and cultures. La MaMa began as a tiny basement theatre dedicated to the playwright and all aspects of the theatre, and it has grown into an arts complex of national and international celebrity. La MaMa houses three theaters, "The First Floor Theatre", "The Club" and "The Annex". Until the opening of The Annex on October 18, 1974, the First Floor Theater was their main space. Now, the First Floor Theater is an intermediate space in which plays that are in a developmental stage are created.
74A East 4th Street
between 2nd Avenue and Bowery
NY, NY 10003
(212) 475-7710


  • The First Floor Theatre

  • The Annex

  • The Club

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Author: Lucie Mau (Summer 2020)

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