Cuban Theater Digital Archive


Type Title
digitalobject Manuscripts of Francisco Morín on Prometeo, Academia Municipal and Teatro Universitario (cta0047000108)
digitalobject Sketch by Francisco Morín (cta0047000106)
digitalobject Letter from Lázaro Zamora to Francisco Morín, 2004 (cta0047000105)
digitalobject Letter from José Enrique Puente to Francisco Morín, 1998 (cta0047000104)
digitalobject Letter from Wilfredo Angueira to Francisco Morín, 1999 (cta0047000103)
digitalobject Letter from Francisco Morín to Chantal Dumaine and José Triana, 2008 (cta0047000102)
digitalobject Promotional material for the production, "Flores de papel" 1978 (cta0047000097)
digitalobject Press clipping of Mario Parajón and Morín's personal note (cta0047000093)
digitalobject Object for the production "Electra Garrigó" (Miami, 1978) (cta0047000088)
digitalobject Newspaper clipping for the production "Calígula" (Havana, 1955) (cta0047000084)
digitalobject Copy of a photograph of Francisco Morín and Teresa Rojas, with a handwritten note by Morín (cta0047000074)
digitalobject Copies of photographs of Francisco Morín (cta0047000073)
digitalobject Letter from Francisco Morín to Rosa Ileana Boudet, 2011 (cta0046000101)
digitalobject Press clipping for the production, "Electra Garrigó" (New York, 1973) (cta0029000505)
production Electra Garrigó (Teatro América, July 7, 1978)
creator Cruz, Nilo, October 10, 1960- (47)
creator Ponce, Miguel, September 29, 1930-January 3, 2012 (509)
creator Ugarte, Salvador, August 6, 1940-July 17, 2006 (1164)

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