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Premiere: US

Directing team: +

Name Function(s)
Manuel de Duran Assistant Director
Carlos Díaz Director

Cast: +

Name Role(s)
Luis Ernesto Bárcenas Centurio; Tristán
Betiza Bismark Areúsa
Carlos Busto Calisto
Georbis Martínez Pármeno; Lucrecia
Leticia Martín Celestina
Grisell Monzón Melibea
Fer Nieves Elicia; Pleberio
Rone Luis Reinoso Pleberio; Sempronio

Design team: +

Name Function(s)
Gabriel Lara Graphic Designer
Celia Ledón Costume designer, Scenic Design

Production team: +

Name Function(s)
Carlos Miguel Caballero Producer
Manuel de Duran Assistant producer
FUNDarte Director of production

Notes: +

You can see a preview here and here.

This is a new version by Norge Espinosa based on the original text by Fernando de Rojas. Production is in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation in English. Intending to return to the classic to find in its essence a contemporary portrait of our urgencies and desires, FUNDarte and Teatro El Público reread La Celestina. Rojas's text is a mirror of a Spain where the interests and repressions of the time stalk the pure love of young people. Still, it endures as a celebration of jouissance and a provocation that its characters make recognizable in the present. A struggle between desire and the flesh, morality and money, reality and sorcery, the fable of the old matchmaker reminds us that these forces are still in conflict and that we continue to be part of that battle, even in the age of virtuality. And Celestina, skilled in her tricks as a witch and a businessman, still walks among us.

FUNDarte continues its mission of promoting international cultural exchanges, and this time, it has partnered with Teatro El Público to produce a very particular theatrical piece based on a contemporary look at the classic from the Golden Age. Eroticism, sensuality, and the political subtext - hallmarks of maestro Carlos Díaz - emerge in communion with Afro-Cuban folklore and the Iberian tradition seen from the other shore. The project brings a cast of Cuban actors based in Madrid, the dramaturgy and stage direction by Teatro El Público, and the creative and production team of FUNDarte.

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