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INTAR Hispanic Playwrights-In-Residence Laboratory (1989-1990)


Festival jury:
Participants selected for the Hispanic playwrights-in-Residence Lab (HPRL), were chosen from a nationwide applicant pool, and judged on the plays they submitted for evaluation. Each was paid a stipend of about $3,000, and was required to attend regular meetings where the participants’ writing was constantly given feedback from peers and director María Irene fornés. At the end of each workshop, the participants were required to complete one play. Each of these plays received staged readings. The participants unanimously chose one play based on its quality to receive a full production on INTAR’s main stage. In later years of the workshop, more than one play was selected.

Venues: +

Title City Country
Images available INTAR 53 Theatre New York, New York United States

Participants: +

Name Function(s)
Lalo Cervantes Participant
Migdalia Cruz Auditor
María Irene Fornés Director
Charles Gómez Participant
Lorraine Llamas Auditor
Lorenzo Mans Auditor
Manuel Pereiras García Participant
Caridad Svich Participant
Ela Troyano Auditor

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