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Michael Yawney


"Working in the East Village and studying at New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing in the 1980s, I was exposed to a majestic smorgasbord of artists who shaped my life, my world, and my heart. Working in Post-Modern Dance and Viewpoint Improvisation did not just shape my artistic technique, but but also shaped how I see, think, and feel. I co-founded two theaters: Bad Neighbors, which specialized in topical, popular, comedic performance, and DaK Theater, which used techniques of our mentor Eugenio Barba in rehearsal processes lasting up to 16 months. Eventually I became the Artistic Director of Bad Neighbors, popularizing serial performance in downtown New York theater and commissioning new works from playwrights including Steven Sater, Deb Margolin, Heather Woodbury, and Georg Osterman. The company’s core artists included best-selling author Liz Tuccillo, and filmmakers Lynn Shelton and Madeleine Olnek." (Michael Yawney about himself, more information can be find in his website)

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