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    DIRECTOR GENERAL: Vicente Revuelta

    Teléfonos- (537) 832-5373

    It was created in February 1958 by Vicente Revuelta and his sister Raquel when they issued their Manifiestos a la opinión pública, along with a group of other young Cuban theater artists--Ernestina Linares, Sergio Corrieri, Pedro Alvarez, Rigoberto Águila, Antonio Jorge and Héctor García Mesa. In November of the same year they founded a Performing Arts Academy connected to the company. The Cuban goverment assigned Hubert de Blanck Theater as its permanent headquarters in December of 1963. In June 1965, The National Council of Culture suspended Vicente Revuelta as General Director of the group. This situation was not accepted by the members of the company and all activities recessed until February 1966 when Dagoberto Casañas was appointed General Director. In March 20, 1968 Dagoberto Casañas ceased as General Director of the group and was substituted by Vicente Revuelta. In October 15, 1968 an internal crisis divided the company. Raquel Revuelta was appointed General Director and her brother Vicente founded a new group named Los doce (The Twelve). Only 16 actors remained in Teatro Estudio. They were: Berta Martínez, Silvia Planas, Norma Martínez, Miriam Learra, Ana Viñas, Teté Blanco, Florencio Escudero, Eduardo Moure, Raúl Eguren, Joaquín Domínguez, Elio Mesa, Luis Otaño, Pedro Regüiferos, Carlos Bemúdez, Marta Farré and Héctor Quintero.

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Year Category Award Result
1966 None Premio El Gallo de La Habana Winner


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