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Meme Solís

Music artist, musical arrangement

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    Meme Solis, aka José Manuel Solis, is a talented pianist, composer, and singer, hailing from Cuba. Raised in Santa Clara, Cuba, he began studying music at a very young age, and already a prodigy of the piano by age 6. He debuted as a piantist while playing for the popular singer, Olga Guillot.

    He recorded his first record with Elena Burket, and became the host of the radio show "A Solas Contigo" (Only With You). In the 1960's he became a major Cuban pop singer and songwriter, forming his own vocal group, "El Cuarteto Meme Solis" in the early 1970's. However, he ran afoul with the Castro government in Cuba, and was denied the right to record or perform in public for 18 years. He then immigrated to Spain and then the United States.July 9, 1988, was his U.S. debut, playing at a small venue in Miami.

    Since then, he has recorded 8 LPs and staged innumberable musical revues for theatres, clubs, and TV.

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