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Teatro Luna

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    Teatro Luna was founded in June 2000 by Coya Paz and Tanya Saracho, with an original ensemble of ten women from diverse Latina/Hispana backgrounds.

    Teatro Luna has a unique process in developing their plays and productions. It is divided in seven steps. The first step in the process is to share stories, memories, ideas and thoughts with each other in a brainstorming session. In the second step. members bring in written stories, monologues, or more specific research to propose specific ideas for pieces. During the third step members divide into smaller groups (2-4 people) and experiment with adding movement, chorus, additional characters and other stylistic devices to the stories. The fourth step includes presentations of the version of the stories. Once the ensemble has chosen a "format", the scene is improvised several times. The sixth step comprises the presentation of the official version of the play to the ensemble. The seventh step is the rehearsing process where all members of the ensemble put their input on their characters.

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