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Night Train to Bolina

Night Train to Bolina


Production was filmed using two cameras. 

In a war-torn, unidentified country in Latin America, two children use fantasy as a means of escaping the calamity of combat, as well as their own abused and impoverished lives. Starving, battered, neglected, and looking for a way to flee the guerrilla warfare ravishing their home, Mateo and Clara flee their devastated rural village for the city of Bolina, a mythical metropolis where "kites go to die." Both come from abusive, unloving families and find spiritual and even sexual comfort in each other. The play is a haunting and mystical tale of unintended consequences whose characters walk the fine line between innocent adolescence and a jaded adulthood scarred by truth and tragedy.

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Physical object date:
September 14, 2011
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Video Recording (SDHC)
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Video recording
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CTDA Productions
CC-BY-NC-ND (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives)

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