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Handwritten note by María Irene Fornés about doctors


Image taken with a phone. Professional scan will come later.


The moment you let doctors look at you, you get sick. They don’t even have to look into you. Don’t let hem look into you. If they do. They’ll never want to see me and I’ll be fucked.

What if it’s not good  good for you? How can they tell what is wrong with you if they don’t look into you? They should be able to tell you by looking at your face. Oh, for Christ’s sake, they are not magicians. They don’t have to be magicians to look and be able to tell. I know if something is good by looking at it. A doctor should be able to tell by looking at you without having to poke at you.


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Fornés, María Irene, May 14, 1930-October 30, 2018 (135)
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New York, New York, United States
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Handwritten note
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María Irene Fornes Papers
CC-BY-NC-ND (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives)

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