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With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit?/¿Con qué culo se sienta la cucaracha? (2004)

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Can animals report the news better than humans? Are they more truthful? Or do they too have an agenda? And when La Cucarachita Martina anchors the news, on what ass does she sit? In this hilarious, poignant tale of a cockroach's adventures in Havana and Miami, Carmelita's wacky world becomes an absurdist collage of animals, old time Cuban musicians, little Elian, and the ins and outs of the never-changing policy debate between Washington and Havana. 


This is an Actors' Equity Association production. It was filmed for archival purposes only with special permission from Actors' Equity Association. The recording will be housed exclusively at the Cuban Theater Digital Archive at the University of Miami. The recorded production cannot be loaned out or removed from said premises without the express written consent of Actors' Equity Association.

Per the contract signed between CTDA, INTAR, and Actors' Equity Association, the recording may be viewed by anyone associated with the production. Students, theatre professionals, Members in good standing of Actors' Equity Association, United Scenic Artists, the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers and the Dramatists Guild, and researchers with a valid reason to do so may view the recording after the closing date of the production.

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Correa, Daniel (6101)
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November 2004
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New York, New York, United States
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Video recording (MiniDV)
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Video recording
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DaLi Media Lab Video Recording Collection
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