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Interview with Jesús Ruiz


  • Jesús Ruiz was born on June 4, 1943, during World War 2, in Cárdenas.
  • Memories of his home, his mother, his grandparents, his father and the time.
  • Religious education, which ends when the school was nationalized. Sense of honesty of that education.
  • His memories of Bay of Pigs and the Triumph of the Revolution.
  • He could not study architecture and made a course of Art Instructors (in dance) that was what connected him to the theater and set design
  • Political problems of the time.
  • Meeting with Raul Martinez and discovery of the grupo Guiñol and puppet theater, which changed his life.
  • Grupo Los Doce
  • The first work in which he worked was Lila la mariposa, by Johny Amman. That day he discovered the solitude of the theater.
  • Relationship with the Camejo´s brothers.
  • His work on film. His opinion about Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Titón). Experience of creating the costumes for Una pelea cubana contra los demonios. There he meets Fernando Perez, who worked as assistant director of Titón.
  • First visit to New York in 1999. The funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to create in Cuba design workshops and research on scenic design.
  • CEDE's work and the Galería Raúl Oliva: new opportunities for designers, links between generations.
  • Love in his life. Its meaning.
  • Relationship with religion: Christian Ethics, rather than faith.
  • Poetry
  • Politics

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