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Interview with Salvador Fernández


  • Childhood in the district of Jesús María, in Havana. Spanish origin family, related to the world of Cuban cigars.
  • Early education at the Colegio Lasalle
  • His participation in the cultural movement of the Sociedad Nuestro Tiempo, where he met Servando Cabrera. Thanks to Servando he starts working at Teatro Estudio.
  • He beggins studying Architecture at the University of Havana, but leave it after a few years.
  • Founder along with Maria Elena Molinet of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional.
  • His experience also with Dumé group and the Conjunto Dramático Nacional
  • His first ballet, in 1964, was Exorcism, by Anna Leontieva
  • Spends a year in Czechoslovakia, studying.
  • Fernando Alonso invites him to work permanently in the National Ballet of Cuba, where he still works.
  • Foundation of ENA, where he taught. The firsts years.
  • Relationship with Alicia Alonso, Servando Cabrera, Maria Elena Molinet
  • Special features of the Ballet Tarde en la siesta (1973)
  • Process of creating a ballet, creativity from material scarcity
  • Film experience with Tomas Gutierrez Alea
  • His passions: cinema

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