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Interview with Ricardo Reymena


  • Ricardo Reymena was born in Havana. 
  • His first theatre related jobs were on the scenery and props workshops of the National Theatre and the ICAIC scenery workshop in Cubanacan.
  • He worked with Rafael Morante designing movie posters for ICAIC.
  • In 1964 he was called to the military service
  • He participated in the  Rubén Vigón´s stage design courses. 
  • He enters the Cuban Natinal Ballet during the 60s, and designs the magazine Cuba en el Ballet since its 2nd number.
  • During the 'quinquenio gris' he was expelled from that department.
  • He returns in 1978 to work at the company and to design the magazine.
  • He recount some of his most important works, providing details of several of them, as well as from the dynamics of the stage productions, workshops, maintenance of set designs, etc.
  • The process of designing a ballet: dialogue with the choreographer
  • His relationship with painting
  • Books that he use to work
  • His hobbies: reading History and watching movies
  • His experiences in different museums of the world 
  • Cuban culture at the moment of the interview
  • For young designers: follow your vocation



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