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Interview with Tony Díaz


-Childhood and early studies: religious vocation.

-Experience in the Ateneo de Cienfuegos.

-Pantomime group with Armando Suarez del Villar

-Triumph of the Revolution and the creation of the Centro Dramático de Cienfuegos

- Acting Studies at National School of Art (ENA) in Havana. Important teachers.

-Second year at ENA, "parametración" and expulsion of school.

-The protection of Teatro Estudio. His first designer works.

-Obligatory Military Service in Camagüey, and transfer to Isla de la Juventud.

-Return to Havana, with the group Teatro de Arte Popular.

-Material difficulties of the 90’s, and its impact in theater production.

-His work as a light designer with various groups.

-Foundation of Mephisto Theatre, his own company.

-The experience of working in musical theater productions in Cuba

-Last productions


-Personality and his relationship with young actors.



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