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Interview with Diana Fernández and Derubín Jácome


-Their childhood, relationship with their parents.

-The new Revolution and its influence.

-Diana and her catholic education.

-Diana’s beginning in the art world, starring in the movie El bautizo, by Roberto Fandiño.

-Derubín studies Architecture, but abandon it for the ENA.

-Studies of both of them at the ENA: the schools of art at that time

-The Youth of the 60’s and 70’s in Cuba (evasion or compromise).

-Derubín’s Master in Design in Prague.

-Influential people in their lives

-Personal commitment vs. socialist obligations

-Life in Spain, relation with Cuba after twenty years out

-Creation processes for both of them

-Importance of research for designing

-Their hobbies

-Historicist views and design: the example of La Bella del Alhambra

To listen to the interview, please click here.




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