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Interview with Nieves Lafferté



Childhood. Importance of parents and family.

Piano studies at the Conservatory. Discipline of musicians.

Commercial Drawing Studies at night school. Abandonment of music.

The National Art School (ENA). Teachers and curriculum.

Production of scenography and costumes. Its peculiarities in Cuba.

Desire for Research: Studies of Teatrología y Dramaturgia at the University of Arts (ISA). Importance of the methodology.

Graduate school in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Her experiences. Slovak National Theatre workshops.

Her memories of Alejo Carpentier as a teacher of History of Music.

Importance of music in her life. Philharmonic concerts. Favorite musicians.

Handicrafts in her life. Sewing since childhood.

Influential people in her life: María Elena Molinet, Luis Marquez, Pedro García Espinosa, Roberto Larragurre (Peru).

Cinema: first film

2005-2010: designed 7 films

Working for film, television or theater: pros and cons. Production times.

Film directors with whom she has worked, and their peculiarities: Enrique Pineda Barnet and Luis Felipe Bernaza.

Work processes to design. Materials. Importance of work to arrive at a design. Dreams.

Personal tastes: food, hobbies.

Her most beloved works.

State of Cuban theater in 2012. Importance of technical knowledge. Camagüey Theatre Festival 2012: her experience.



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