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Interview with Carlos Repilado


-Childhood in Santiago de Cuba. Catholic school.

-Moved to Havana in the late 50´s. IBM computer studies.

-Triumph of the Revolution. Early work.

-He enrolled at San Alejandro, evening course. Meets Ivan Tenorio and Guido Gonzalez.

-Servando Cabrera becomes his mentor in painting, he meets Berta Martinez and starts working in Teatro Estudio.

-Raquel Revuelta: his memories.

-Other people gathered in Teatro Estudio: Eduardo Vergara, Alicia Bustamante, Eslinda Núñez, Vicente Revuelta, Ana Viñas, Miriam Learra, Isabel Moreno, Mónica Guffanti. Theater discipline at that time.

-Some Teatro Estudio productions: La toma de La Habana por los ingleses, Bernarda, Macbeth.

-Some directors he worked with: Abelardo Estorino, Vicente Revuelta, Edwin Fernandez

-The Cuballet with Laura Alonso. His beginnings in the National Ballet of Cuba. Light Designs for Ivan Tenorio and Hilda Rivero Herrero´s choreographies.

-Differences between theater and dance work

-Work with Santiago Alfonso at Tropicana (cabaret)

-Relationship with painting: Antonia Eiriz as a model

-Friendship with Servando Cabrera. The quinquenio gris (also known as quesadato or pavonato)

-Teatro Estudio during the ‘quesadato’

-Rosa Fornés and other great actresses.

-Depauperation of Cuban theater. Loss of values and trades. Discipline and work ethic.

-The Importance of dramaturgical analysis in design creation. Estorino´s Production Ecos y murmullos de Comala.

-The Importance in his formation of Catholic schooling

- Friendship with Adria Santana.

-Other Passions: opera, symphonic music, cinema

-His travels and favorite places: Barcelona




You can access the interview here.

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