Cuban Theater Digital Archive

Los Gavilanes

Zarzuela (Spanish)


After many years of absence Juan returns to the village where he was born and where he left Adriana, the sweetheart of his youth. His return to his beloved land and meeting with relatives and friends make his heart rejoice with the memories of his young years. The quiet village gains new life with the presence of Juan, "El Indiano", who has returned rich from America. The mayor, the chief of poilice, his brother, sister-in-law, and nieces, in fact, the whole village pay homage to him ebcause they want to gain his favor and protection. A great part is organized in his honor.

All the joy and enthusiasm is lost when Juan stubbornly decided to win the love of Rosaura, daughter of Adriana. Finally, the true love of Gustavo and Rosaura, and Juan's own common sense win out. Juan, greatly shaken, is forced to renounce his desire convinced by the force of reality.

Performances: +

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