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La Víctima

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La Victima shows us snippets of a Mexican family's history as it becomes entwined in America's fickle immigration policy. First performed in 1976, the play's sweeping plot hits the high-profile Mexican-American issues up to that time. In the late 1930s, amid political "promises to rid the country of Mexicans," Amparo (VIVIS) and her husband Julian (Rodrigo García) are separated from their son Sammy (Eric Avilés). (The talented VIVIS breathes realism into the mother ideal: strong, resilient, loving, sacrificing, adding a touch of humor to every pain.)

Amparo and Julian struggle to make a life with their two other children, while Sammy grows and prospers in the United States with the family who took him in. Sammy becomes a soldier in the Korean War; his two siblings make their way to the United States and become involved in the labor protests of the '60s and '70s. Everyone has issues with border patrol, including Sammy, who joins them but has qualms when he is asked to conduct raids.

Performances: +

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