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La Paloma

Play script


This work was created at the INTAR Hispanic Playwrights-in-Residence Laboratory under the direction of María Irene Fornes.

The following preexisting material is used in the play:

Rafael Alberti's "Nocturno" and Luis Cernuda's "Un español habla de su tierra," which were translated by Pierre Pascal in La Poésie espagnole de nos jours et de toujours: Paco Ibañez,José Corrales's "Te conocí luego la espera," with Manuel Pereiras García's translation, María Calla's singing of "Ah non credea mirarti" from Bellini's La Sonnambulaand Iriarte's "La Paloma," from both the original and Manuel Pereiras Garcías's translation.

In addition, Lydia Cabrera's El Monte and Julio García's Cortez's El Santo served as references for the Yoruba rituals.

Performances: +

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