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La ventana que da al patio

Also known as:

La ventana

Directing team: +

Name Function(s)
Eddy Díaz Souza Director

Cast: +

Name Role(s)
Miriam Bermúdez Actor / actress

Bibliography: +

Notes: +

"La ventana" o "La ventana que da al patio" by Eddy Díaz Souza work. Miriam Bermúdez stars in the staging. "La ventana" recreates the confused days of an old actress, who survives in a dilapidated room. While the police investigate her room and belongings, she insists on the disappearance of her son. She tells about the last days of living together, reviews her past glories and relives intimate anecdotes, in which cruel and kind passages that have marked her life are revealed. 

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