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Fando y Lis

Directing team: +

Name Function(s)
María Meilán Assistant Director
Teresa María Rojas Director

Cast: +

Name Role(s)
José Armand Actor / actress
Siro Del Castillo Actor / actress
Glenda Díaz-Rigau Actor / actress
Ricardo Fernand Actor / actress
José A. González Actor / actress
Reynaldo González Actor / actress

Design team: +

Name Function(s)
Daniel Accame Original score

Notes: +

Rojas’ production of Fernando Arrabal’s Fando y Lis was considered suspect in the climate of 1970s Miami. The two protagonists are lovers in a physically abusive and imposible relationship. Set in an apocalyptic world where dreams are displaced by crude reality of everyday life, the extreme relationship of these two lovers also gives way to the conflict between individual freedom and collective oppression. A play that if anything could be read as a critique of the abuse of power, still created a controversy in some sectors of the exile community. At stake this time was the fact that Arrabal, a playwright that had been an active Anti-Franco spokesperson, was considered communist.



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