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Mi hijo no es lo que parece

Directing team: +

Name Function(s)
Mario Martín Director

Cast: +

Name Role(s)
Miriam Blanco Pompón
Marta Casañas Adelina
Pedro de Pool Justinito
Miguel A. Herrera Ambrosio
Velia Martínez Madame Romani
Norma Zúñiga Pompón

Production team: +

Name Function(s)
Ernesto Capote Director of production

Notes: +

"The Spanish-language play to have the longest running on a U.S. stage." (Lillian Manzor and Beatriz Rizk, "The Roaring 1970s." In Cuban Theater in Miami: 1960-1980.)

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Author: Kyle Gordon; revised by Lillian Manzor (Dec 2017)

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