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Grito 71

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Iván Acosta Director

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This is Iván Acosta's first play. "It was a multimedia happening in which six actors mingled with the audience, while psychedelic images were projected on a screen and a live band played." (Antonio Cao, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre: The Americas, Volume 2., ed. Don Rubin and Carlos Solórzano. New York: Routledge, 2001, p. 413). It was also the first rock and roll musical in Spanish in New York. It had 16 original songs played by a rock band with 6 musicians. There 6 actors on stage with psychodelic projections. The play was also present4ed in Boston, Washington, and New Jersey.

Author: Lauren Rivero, Chris Pina (University of Miami, SPA 322); Helen Hernández Hormilla (2008; edited 2018)

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