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Reinaldo Medina Digital Collection

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    This collection consists of materials related to Reinaldo Medina, El super, the play and the movie, as well as other materials related to the artistic career of Reinaldo Medina as model, actor, producer, and founder of Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York. The materials were digitized for an experiential learning project by Lauren Rivero and Laura Simon. They consist of some photographs, theater programs, and many scrapbook press clippings or reviews of the play in New York and Miami as well as of the film in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and complete press coverage of the film in the Venezia Film Festval. The digital collection and metadata were created by Lauren Rivero and Helen Hernández Hormilla. The digital collection was revised and published by Lillian Manzor (2018).

    Copyright: Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-commercial, No derivatives 3.0.

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