Cuban Theater Digital Archive

Centro de Estudios del Diseño Escénico (CEDE)

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    The Center, directed by Jesús Ruíz, collects, generates and makes accessible information on Cuban stage design through its academic programs, workshops, scholarships. and other activities. It has three branches: the Raúl Oliva Gallery, the Rubén Vigón Chair in collaboration with the Theater Program at the Instituto Superior de Arte , and the María Elena Molinet Information Center and Archive. The Information Center is a constantly growing digital archive that has registered over 5,000 plays produced in Havana since 1959 as well as over 3,000 images of works on paper, primarily costume and stage designs. This collection includes digital images of stage and costume designs that are part of the Information Center's digital archive, currently available for consultation at the center.

    Director: Jesús Ruiz <>

    Copyright: Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-commercial, No derivatives 3.0.


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