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Cecilia Dighero (with mask), Manuel Yesckas, Gloria Zelaya, Edwin Avila in the production, "Rasputin"

Photograph of Rasputin (Cecilia Dighero) on left wearing a large mask, which represents Rasputin. Also in the photograph are the Czar of Russia (Manuel Yesckas) and his wife (Gloria Zelaya) along with various servants (Edwin Avila, Roberto Lopez and Virginia Arrea). This mask represents Rasputin, and as the actors change characters throughout the play, it is easy to identify Rasputin.


On verso: "DUO Theatre. Obra: Rasputin. Versiones en Ingels y Espanol. Autor: Manuel Martin. Director: Manuel Martin. Estreno: Mayo 1975. Fondo: Roberto Lopez y Virginia Arrea. Frente de Izq. a Derecha: Cecilia Dighero (con mascara), Manuel Yesckas, Gloria Zelaya, y Edwin Avila." 

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May 1975
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New York, New York, United States
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Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers
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