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Program for the theatrical production, La estrella y la monja

Estrella (Magaly Alabau) and the Monja (Graciela Mas) appear to the right of program. In the lower third of the program, Estrella and the Monja are seen lying with seven locos who form the shape of a star with their intertwined bodies. Estrella is laughing while laying on the men, wearing a feather boa, and has one part of a rosarie attached to her wrist like a bracelet. Monja is also laying on the men, but is seen solemnly praying.


Creator: Ramirez, Jose Erasto
International Arts Relations, Inc. INTAR 508 W. 53rd St., N.Y.C. - Phone: 582-9875. Presenta al DUO THEATRE en la produccion La Estrella y la Monja de Tom Eyen.
Object date: 1972
Coverage (temporal): 1970-1980

Coverage (spatial): New York, New York

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Theater programs
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Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers
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