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Verna Hobson

Author / playwright

Born in Philadelphia, Verna attended Philadelphia High School for Girls. Upon graduation she enrolled at Morgan State University in Maryland. Although a chemistry major, she became very active in the drama and theatre programs at the University. Verna married and raised two children, but her responsibilities as wife and mother did not keep her from pursuing her show business dreams. After travelling across Europe and the United States, she and her family settled in New York. Verna started working for cabaret circuit, including stints at the Reno Sweeney and Brothers and Sisters. She was also featured in the stage productions of "Member of the Wedding", "Cane", and "Down by the River". More recently she has appeared in numerous films including "Working Girl", "Hannah and her Sisters" and "White Lies". Verna has now added writing to her resume with the play, "The Loves of Bricktop", a fantasy about the legendary redhead Ada Smith. She hopes to have it produced in the near future.

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