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Chiqui Vicioso

Author / playwright

Sherezada “Chiqui” Vicioso is a Dominican poet, playwright, and author. She is the daughter of Juan Antonio Vicioso Contín and María Luisa Sánchez. She received a degree in Sociology and Latin American History from the City University of New York in Brooklyn. She also received a Masters Degree in Educational Program Design at the University of Columbia and studied the Administration of Cultural Projects at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. She was director of True Family Education from 1981-1985, a consultant for the UN program for the development of women (1986-1987), and the National Official of Women’s Programs with UNICEF. She has been a columnist for the Listín Diario newspaper, a collaborator for La Noticia, and directed the literary page “Cantidad Hechizada” in El Nuevo Diario. At the beginning of the eighties, Vicioso founded the Circle of Women Poets in New York.

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Author: Nicolle Heagney (2005-07-20)

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