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Lynne Álvarez

Author / playwright

Lynne Alvarez went to New York in 1977 as a poet and by 1979 she had won a CAPS grant for poetry and proceeded to serve as Vice President of the board of directors for Poets & Writers for ten years. She had great success as a poet and then in 1978 she turned abruptly to playwriting after attending a gathering of Hispanic writers at Miriam Colon's Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. At 31 she had never considered writing a play but she was now hooked. She wrote two plays under the auspices of this workshop which premiered at the St. Clements Theatre in 1983. Alvarez wrote several plays as a New Dramatist - including Hidden Parts which premiered at Primary Stages in 1987; The Wonderful Tower of Humbert LaVoignet which won two awards. Alvarez has been commissioned as a translator of plays and poetry as well. She has translated three plays by the great contemporary Mexican playwright Felipe Santander. Primary Stages produced Two Marriages; Romola & Nijinsky off-Broadway in 2003.

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Author: Norma Ford (2008-03-30)

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