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Eduardo Quiles

Author / playwright

Eduardo Quiles. Playwright, novel-writer and director of the magazine, Art Teatral is the author of novels El carnaval del relajo (A Fun Carnival), Las cenizas del tiempo (The Ashes of Time), and of the short stories El café de los sueños (Coffee of Dreams) and Un clarinetista en el barrio gótico (A Clarinet-`player in the Gothic Neighborhood). Among his plays that have been staged are: La ira y el éxtasis (Anger and Ecstacy) -La Habana-, Elsa´s Goodbye (New York), El virtuoso de Times Square (The Virtuous Man of Times Square) -Valencia-, and Una Ofelia sin Hamlet (Ophelia without Hamlet), New York. Quiles taught script-writing at ILCE-UNESCO, Mexico, where he lived for many years and has delivered lectures on theatrical writing. His play, The Employee, was produced and performed for the first time by New York University. The Spanish version was first performed in the Cultural Theatre Centre of the Villa in Madrid, at the Principal Theatre, Valencia, Mozart Sala, Palma de Mallorca. Further works by Quiles that have been staged in Spain: The Razor, The Fridge, The Bridal Chamber, His Majesty - Fashion, The Virtuous Man of Times Square, Ophelia without Hamlet. In Latin America, Pygmies, Vagabonds and Omnipotents (Teatro del Granero, Direction: José Solé. Mexico D.F.) and Wrath and Ecstasy (Sala el Sótano, Direction: Nicolás Dorr,) Havana). Quiles wrote Philip II, Freud and Don Quixote's Trial for Channel 8. BBC, London translated his work, Insomnia, into English and had it broadcasted throughout the United Kingdom. The Refrigerator, The Bridal Chamber and Ophelia wiihout Hamlet was first performed in New York and Elsa’s Goodbye in the Here Multi-Arts Center in Manhattan. Also The opera Elsa's Goodbye, libretto by Quiles, was performed at the Miranda Theater, New York. In the same year Ophelia without Hamlet was invited to perform in Berlin for the Congress of German Hispanists. The Razor, The Fridge, and Elsa's Goodbye have been published in German.. Modern International Drama, a US journal, published eight of Quile´s more representative works in English. The Society of Theatrical Authors (Madrid) published Quiles' "Theatre of the Character, Selected Works". Eduardo Quiles is included in various anthologies of contemporary theatre and has been invited to perform his plays and give talks on his plays, and on Theatrical Characters, by European and Northamerican Universities.


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Author: Monique T. Labat (2007-09-06, 2017)

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