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Premios ACCA

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    The Asociación de Críticos y Comentaristas de las Artes was created in 1975 by  Josefina Rubio and a group of journalists. They revolutionized the city by creating the ACCA awards that promoted Hispanic artistic creation and preserved Latin roots in the US. Although the prize was based in Miami, artists from anywhere in Ibero America who had worked in the US could be nominated for awards in the areas of theater, music, literature, visual arts, television and radio. This association and the awards resembled the ACE, Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos, created in New York in 1967; they have been giving the ACE awards since 1969. 


Year Category Creator Production Written Work Result
1984 None Zúñiga, Norma, October 20, 1940- (6969) Enriqueta se ha puesto a dieta (Teatro Las Máscaras #1, 1984) Winner

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